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Why So Many Young Men Love Granny Dating

So many men get sick of dating girls who are trying to manipulate them, whether it's for more attention or more money there is usually some ulterior motive. A lot of people find it very hard to think about anyone other than themselves until they get older - it's something of a rites of passage. Older women tend to be more complete people: they've often had families, and experienced life in a way a younger woman hasn't yet. Ironically, this makes dating a granny much easier going than someone half her age. You won't find any ulterior motive - you'll know she's just there for the ride. Don't interpret this as mature women being pushovers... They will expect you to keep things exciting, as that's why they are on this site: for the thrill.

Women's libido Increases With Age

Because grannies don't seek complications in their lives they are a lot easier to date. If they wanted something serious and long lasting they'd probably be on, looking for someone their own age. What they want is fun with a younger man. A lot of studies have shown that men's libidos decline beyond 40, whereas for women it is the opposite! They get positively frisky as they advance! Oddly enough older women and younger men are the perfect match in terms of their appetites. Studies have also shown that older women tend to live longer if they date younger men - so there is an added health benefit for them!

Are Older Women Dirty?

This is what most of our new male members ask! It's not so simple, when it comes to someone who is over 50. These ladies tend to be very direct and to enjoy the physical intimacy they find on the site, and yes they can be quite racy! However, they tend to also have some class - they are of a certain generation. Being crude or getting your timing wrong won't impress them, however they are not hard to get. Simply be open, charming, and a little cheeky and you'll get the invite back to their place. That's the great thing about GrannyContacts: there's no scope for getting the wrong end of the stick!